Future_Proof Sounds Volume : Two

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FPS returns with a galactic line up for the second release. From harmonic breakbeats to driving psy basslines, this release captures all that is FPS ethos. Wrapped together in a physical release and some mind wobbling artwork.

  1. AOS – It's Going to be Alright (USA)
  2. Hedonistik Ritual – The Tunnel (UK)
  3. Hyphen - Sin (Japan)
  4. Kokomochi – If Not Machine (Japan)
  5. Akumie – The Great Escape (UK)
  6. Paul Cumbum & MC W4nk – Creeper (Japan)
  7. Greg Peaks – Immortal Ravel (Spain)
  8. Aeon – Deserve to Die (OGLE-TR-56b)
  9. Evolutionize – Volthvulum (USA)
  10. Tamerax – World Gone Mad (Canada)
  11. A.B – Cabin Fever (UK)
  12. Finnbarr – Foul is Fair (UK)


Sample tracks for Volume : Two

Future_Proof Sounds Volume : One

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Don’t miss out on the limited copies of volume one left, where it all began. Another galaxy trotting physical release, full of filthy fiendish freeform. Dance classic remixes, relentless acid and an internet meme sample – what else do you need to get yourself transcending to an elevated state.

  1. Hyphen - Hell & Heaven (Japan)
  2. Aeon - Dying Light (OGLE-TR-56b)
  3. Greg Peaks – No Limitation (Greece, Spain, UK… IDK)
  4. Transcend – Sway (Higher consciousness)
  5. Finnbarr – (1950s UK)
  6. Kokomochi – Iron Sky (Japan)
  7. A.B – Horne (UK)
  8. Jack DB – What is Real (UK)
  9. Transcend & Cyrax – Forever (UK & his mums basement)
  10. Evolutionize – Memory (USA)
  11. Kounta Kulture – Divinity (Aus)
  12. Aeon – Games with God (OGLE-TR-56b)

Sample tracks for Volume : One

Future_Proof Sounds Volume : One & Volume : Two - Bundle Option

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Get both of these amazing CDs, and save some dosh, in this bundle edition. Enjoy the unique artwork by our resident artist and all 24 tracks produced by FPS. There's nothing more you need to complete your collection than this bundle pack featuring both volumes one and two for a price you won't find any cheaper.

Mixes (free download on Soundcloud)